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The Home Management:
Plain and Simple Blueprint

"Make Your Best Day Even Better!" The only online course of its kind. Designed to take your life and home to the next level. Go from feeling overwhelmed to competent!
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Here's What You'll Get:
  • Home Management: Plain and Simple book
  • Audio chapters to correspond with each week
  • Home Management: Plain and Simple Workbook
  • Step-by-step action plans
  • Videos to correspond with each module and lesson
  • Printables to help with every step PLUS an editable PDF to create your unique Home Management Book! 
  • An EXCLUSIVE group for course students
  • LIVE meetings 
  • 13 weeks of course content, plus implementation weeks with action items, plus BONUS material
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"Excellent! Wonderful! Powerful! Can’t say enough wonderful things about the home management course!
I’ve owned the book since it was first published but I didn’t have the time, motivation, accountability, etc to really dig deep into the book.
Between the audio clips, live meetings, worksheets, assignments, and the prayer and collaboration, I was finally able to sink my teeth into this wonderful book. My days are truly “better days” and I finally feel like I’m a well-equipped homemaker."

“The little things, like having a tidier home, can make a big difference. Home Management:
Plain and Simple has transformed my daily home life.”
~Rebekah M.

“I was unprepared to be a SAHM/homemaker. I feel like Home Management: Plain and
Simple and the course gave me the tools to be successful and do it joyfully.”

“I was able to work through each section in great detail, writing down projects, prayers,
goals, and processes. Home Management: Plain and Simple gave me enthusiasm and
accountability to work through a mental block I had regarding managing my home/

“I am loving using the home management binder that we made. I have been making more
of an effort at scheduling my days. This definitely keeps me focused.”

“Just knowing how to have systems in place and having an idea of what to tackle and how
frequently is great. Home Management: Plain and Simple taught me how to do a little bit of
work now to keep the whole house manageable.”

“This workbook helped me a lot to organize my home habits and routines. What I especially liked was that the author includes specific details into how to run a household as well as providing a lot of good motivation for why. She also includes very practical help with how to teach a child these same routines depending on ages. She is relatable, clear, and inspiring. My habits are now building upon the structure of habits presented in the workbook, and it's so nice to see how once I get those things in place, it only goes up from there. Plus it just makes my time go further! Recommended!”

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